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My PS3 finally died so now I'm here. :-)
Hi All,

I have had a PS3 for a long time and it finally croaked about two weeks ago. Thanks to Sony's lack of backwards compatibility I find myself with a bunch of PS3 games that I enjoy playing but can't anymore. I don't have the money to get myself a new PS3 so the next best thing is emulation.

I was a little hesitant on PS3 emulation because the last I took a look at how far emulation was coming PS3 was still on the impossible list. It's really awesome to see how far this emulator has come. There are two games that I have been able to play it on successfully and I'm blown away by how smooth some games are considering it's the Playstation 3 that's been emulated. I was however really bleak as Captain America doesn't work well and that bothers the hell out of me lol

Anyway, now that I am here, I will obtain digital copies of my games and test them on the new builds of RPCS3.

I'm happy to be here.

I don't generally hang around but I do love gaming and if you see me active on here, feel free to strike up a conversation.

I'm an easy-going guy.

Take it, easy everyone. :-)

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