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will my upgrades be sufficient?
ok,after finding out one of my ram sticks had blown,i spent 55 usd and bought a ram upgrade,it turns out the 3.1 revision of my motherboard (which i have) can support 16 gb max of ram,so now my specs are as follows,and i need an estimation of how well the emulation in general will go on rpcs3


windows 10

gigabyte ga-m68mt-s2 revision 3.1

16 GB ram

nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti 4 gb dedicated ram

1 tb HDD

amd fx-4100 processor 3.6 ghz base clock speed

32 gb virtual memory
The cpu is WAY too weak for PS3 emulation...even PS2 emulation will be a problem
Increasing your ram will do literally nothing,you don't need more than 8gb,any more than that is if you need more ram for something that need more ram(rpcs3 is not one of them)

The gpu is fine.
That CPU is straight up garbage yes
o.o ps2 emulation works just fine on my computer actually. oh btw since i posted this thread i tryed castlevania lords of shadow 2 and the gameplay is fine,and the graphics are beautiful, im just having this oddball audio problem where it stutters with normal sound effects,but is perfectly fine with menu music and cutscenes. then i fiddled around with the settings abit and now it only stutters up when there is alot going on on the screen

as far as the cpu is concerned id be happy to upgrade it,the only real requirement i have is compatibility with my motherboard (gigabyte ga-m68mt-s2) and at the very least,a base clock of 3.6ghz like my current one
There are no decent CPUs on AM3/+ socket. And even if you find some FX8320/50/70 for 40 bucks, it will need a board with better VRMs, and it won't be too much of an upgrade.
You need to go to a new socket.
o.o hmmm,ok i got two questions

1. why is it that even before the recent ram upgrade,my computer could run games that are more tha nwhat a ps3 is capable of,like RE7,just fine,and yet supposidly the processor is insufficient for ps3 emulation?

2. id love to get a new socket then,but my spidey sense tells me that would require an entirely new motherboard,which runs the risk of having to also very nearly upgrade every single other component of the computer. case in point i was window shopping on the gigabyte website recently,and i saw a motherboard that seemed nice,priced at around 85 usd on amazon,but it uses ddr5 memory,and i currently have ddr3 ram sticks,two of them in 8 gb,id also end up needing an entirely new processor which is expected to be sure, but lets be real,i need a processor that is verifiably sufficient for ps3 emulation by your standards,but wont cost more than my whole computer did 8 years ago ( which btw was 662 usd)
1) If you're happy with how it's running, then you don't need everyone's approval. Have fun!

2) If you want to upgrade on the cheap, on Amazon you can pick up a Ryzen 1600 AF ($99), MSI B450-A board ($85), and 16 GB of HyperX DDR4 2666 ($74). The -AF model is a Ryzen 2600. Which would be half what you spent 8 years ago.
PC games are running natively, not emulated. You can even run recent native games on a core4duo, provided you have a powerful GPU for them.
Native PC games are not heavily CPU based so you can still play them even with a garbage CPU if you have a decent GPU, whereas doing CPU based workload on a very bad CPU is a terrible idea.
I am playing gundam vs gundam Ryzen3 2200 is so much fasterĀ  than i5 3gen for emu, when windows game at similar speed

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