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Wiepout hd/fury almost fully playable, congratulations !
In case you didn't notice yet, the game is now almost fully playable, except that it freezes randomly for out of sync problems, but if you are lucky you can win some races with full video and sound speed, which is pretty impressive, no bug to report except these random freezes...
anyway congratulations and I hope you'll be able to fix these annoying freezes !

edit : for the freezes, apparently you have higher chances to get one on very fast tracks like metropia.
The kind of message you get :
E {RSX [0x00d77f0]} RSX: FIFO error: possible desync event (last cmd = 0x70400208)
F {RSX [0x00a24b8]} RSX: St13runtime_error thrown: rsx::get_address(offset=0x24120, location=0x66626660): Local RSX REPORT offset out of range!
(in file ../rpcs3/Emu/RSX/rsx_methods.cpp:559)

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