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Condemned 2 Flickering fix?
I have Condemned 2 and it starts and runs fine but the game got a lot of texture parts flickering in white pink and green colours. I googled and saw that this is a known issue for a long time.
I actually managed to fix that by starting the game with ppu decoder interpreter fast and the flickering stops fully but under this ppu decoder the fps always are 10-17 instead of smooth 39.
I got win10, i7 4790k, 16GB ram and Gtx 1070 so my pc shouldnt be the problem I guess. I tried literally every other possible setting under cpu and gpu but no success so far.
Even tho I saw this vid here where the guy actually had it fixed almost fully: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K00NtW7Bg0Q&t=231s
So is there any way to fix the fps under ppu decoder interpreter fast? Or at least that the flickering becomes less often?
Would really love to finally play that game after I played the first part for like 10 times haha..Condemned is one of the best horror games I played omg Im so hyped to play part 2 Heart

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