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bizarre stuttering and slowness (specs in post)
amd fx 4100 processor at 3.6 ghz base clock

gigabyte m68mt-s2 motherboard

8 gb ram

1 tb hdd

nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti

thermaltake 700 watt continuous power psu


after yet another couple of tweaks ive managed to get batman arkham origins running at around 9 fps ingame with around 30 fps in cutscene with minor stuttering in cutscene

i have also tryed dante's inferno and the dmc one remake,both of which are pretty much unplayable (gets past the first couple loading screens then turns into stutterville)

i ran a memory diagnostic and it came out just fine

now when i run any of these games,according to task manager, batman armham origins uses up about 50% of availible cpu and memory,thats fine,and this is fairly consistent whether in cutscene or ingame

except the main problem is without warning,for maybe,2 seconds the usage on memory,disk,and cpu will spike to 100%,the nit will drop back down to 50% for the next while,but this spike causes everything to start locking up and stuttering,including the game itself

some help would be appreciated,even advice really

perhaps i need to go for better compatible games?not sure

>.> i dont really see why a game like batman arkham origins should be able to do that to my computer considering i can run deadspace 3 at maximum settings (which i purchased on origin) and it plays smooth as glass

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