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batman arkham origins,hangs after verify data
UPDATE: after hammering at the settings in the config like a madwoman,i was able to bypass the blackscreen after verify data, but it is extremely choppy and slow,to the point of unplayability,for reference,here is the updated log attached as well as a screenshot (and the resource use i dont think should be that high,i can play dead space 3 at max settings and it doesnt drain nearly that much)

well, for days the thing wouldn't boot no matter what I tried, then rpcs3 updated to the latest version and suddenly the game will boot. I had gotten all excited but after installing game data and verify data finish it just hangs at a black screen, here are the logs



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any know whats going on?
did you figure this out? i got a similar issue in demons souls, where the game worked perfectly until my pc crashed while i talked to an npc, now every time i try to launch it it freezes after it checks my trophy list
:S still not quite sure whats happening.

by permanently getting rid of xboxstat.exe and another default windows 10 thing that was eating up power,ive managed to squelch 11.42 fps out of it,now i can actually make out what batman is saying to a degree in the initial spoken lines of ingame proper.

progress is still ongoing though,im running experiments with razer cortex to see if i can boost that fps even higher. ive also got a couple more leads i need to track down,related to virtual machine memory and the like,but i will endevor to keep everyone updated

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