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Hello all, I'm now to this forum but am heavy into emulation. I had a few questions that I was hoping could be answered by the people here who are more experienced than I.

1. Will my hardware run RPCS3; If my hardware can't are there compatible upgrades that can?
I'm using a repurposed Dell business desktop with some upgrades here are the relevant specs are
- i5-4590
- 16GB RAM (DDR3)
- GTX 1650
The board is rated for up to an i7-4790. If upgrading I would like to cut down on the power draw if possible as my power supply is theoretically nearly maxed out.

2. What are some compatible blu-ray drives that can read/rip PS3 games?

I'm aware of the list here but I've already come across confirmation that there are some outside that list that work too. Additionally my Dell can only take a slim line or otherwise an external drive. I've sampled a few random ones from the list and the external ones seem to be no longer manufactured and the internal ones are far too large.
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