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02-08-2020, 02:47 PM -
Game gets ingame without crashes on 0.0.8-9534-629eddfb after deleting TROPDIR, and also using a PS3 savegame or deleting the movie files so it doesn´t crash while playing any cutscene but the pre-menu one, which is required to get into a race without a save file.

Doesn´t display any graphics during the race except the HUD and reflections in the HUD with PPU Recompiler, but works without any major graphic bugs when using PPU Interpreter (fast). All other options I used were the default options. 

Vulkan runs fine with no major bugs, but lighting(?) on the cars break when using Resolution Scaling. When using OpenGL it runs a lot slower and I think the graphics are also a bit more broken. While I was testing I noticed one time the HUD and pre-race people next to your car were going invisible randomly when using OpenGL, but I do not have any footage of it and was not able to recreate it.

Also, my save data got corruped while playing but it could be because of closing while the game uses Autosave, I´m not sure.

Resolution Scaling seems to be broken, as seen in these videos: 

Vulkan   @1440p:  https://youtu.be/psHd4kF5DQY
Vulkan   @720p:    https://youtu.be/oHKr-oQEhQc
OpenGL @1440p:  https://youtu.be/LsQejepRXVk
OpenGL @720p:    https://youtu.be/uGbmVUYWapw

(The performance in [email protected] may be slightly worse due to me having real time scan in McAfee enabled while running it)

Performance was way below full speed, but I only have an i5-8400, maybe it would run full speed for someone with a good CPU.

Attached is my log.gz from running Vulkan at 720p, OpenGL at 1440p and OpenGL at 720p plus the full log of OpenGL at 720p.

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