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01-02-2020, 05:47 PM -
-DeS freezes during loading screens when I try to travel from either the first zone of the tutorial area to the next or from the Nexus to Boletarian Palace.
->The little blue bulbs expends for around 2 seconds then stops, the game goes from 60 fps to 5 fps, the Log section of RPCS3 seems to be calculating something indefinetly.
-This bug is 100% consistent on my computer.
-It rarely happens that the game freezes before travelling.

I tried:
-Deleting folders with 2 characters only in 'caches' from 'dev_hdd1'
-Switching from Vulkan to OpenGL
-Reducing Resolution Scale from 300% to 150% then from 150% to 100%
-Changed the game from English to French (my native language) then back to English
-Re-installing the game and RPCS3
-Disabling 'Use GPU Texture Scaling'
-Activating 'Write Color Buffers'

I did (in order):
-Install RPCS3
-Install Firmware
-Launch Demon's Souls before changing the Configuration (both global and custom)/ installing the 60 FPS patch
-Configure my pad ( I use a Xbox 360 controll with the XInput preset the 'Pads' menu )
-Changed global and custom Configuration the BSoD  Gaming showed me how to do it ( )
-Enable the Debug menu in Configuration
-Install the 60 FPS patch and configured it ( for BLES00932 with 60 FPS )
-Run the game a second time to play

Motherboard: AB350 Pro4
CPU: Ryzen 5 1500x (4/8)
GPU: GTX 1060 6 Gb
RAM: 8 Gb
RPCS3 is installed on an 1 Tb SSD
Demon's Souls: BLES00932 version 01.00
RPCS3: version 0.0.8-9305

Here's a video of the problem: (I hope it will help)

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