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(08-01-2020, 03:10 AM)drhycodan Wrote: How do I remove Win10 Bloadware apps?

You have 2-otpions: CCleaner (Freeware ver) or Windows PowerShell:-

By CCleaner
Open CCleaner > Tool > Uninstall > re-order “Publisher” tab alphabetically (search for Microsoft corp.) > select & uninstall (what you want)

By powershell, 
Do NOT Apply unless you know how to do it, better to Google more about the package name., the command will look like those:
get-appxpackage -allusers *package name* | remove-appxpackage

I have attached my powershell file, containing almost 50-lines and I have commented # for the packages, that I don’t want to uninstall.

Hope those steps do help your low-core CPU emulator better for playable-title.

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(07-31-2020, 06:30 PM)quick.sliver1 Wrote:
(07-30-2020, 08:22 PM)pidgey Wrote: digitaldude and quick.sliver1, i will just said that or you have the pc of nasa or no sure whats you do to make that game run on 30 fps, i have a normal pc i5 and the maximun i normally get for it is around 15 fps or around  7 fps on some parts like on hayabusa scene. i havent test on the latest builds but i remenber that it was one of the slowest game that i test, even ultra street fighter 4 or street fighter x tekken goes full speed for me when it have even better graphic than yaiba.

Pidgey, you should realize by now emulation is majority about CPU core (GPU, shader cache are just an extra important features).
Using i5 for highly experimental emulator is a painfully stressful toward low-core CPU., unless you know how to diminish those stress (like tweaking CPU usage processes number).  FYI, CPU (@ 80 or less process) is an optimal choice for emulation under i5. Can be done by:
  • Terminate/Stop redundant app services (permanently or temporary. Ur choices)
  • Disable your unwanted startup app
  • Remove Win10 Bloatware app
Afterward, you might be able to run playable-title smoothly with low-core CPU.  Otherwise, wait for developer team to optimize rpcs3 for low-core cpu.

Hello quick.silver1, yes i know about that, i normally put it with launchbox at max (it get some ram, but 0 cpu or gpu) since i have that pc as my emulation station. Maybe isnt so much but the gpu also helps emulators, i have been using before a integrate gpu of intel but now with a gt 1030 every emulator get a great speed boost, for example on dolphin i cant put more than 720 or so with the intel one but now i can put 2k fine, or in pscx2 i cant get more than 2x and now i can run various games on 4x like bloody roar 4.

Yes, i will be waiting when the emulator get more stable and more optimized, since i see a notable speed up lately, like on ridge racer 7 that before i get various slowdowns on it and now i get 60 fps almost all time Smile.

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This game should be move back to ingame on a ryzen  9 4900hs rtx 2060 max q laptop  gets 20 to 30fps and cpu is faster than  a 2700x and gpu faster then gtx 1060

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