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BLUS30504 Crashes at startup/boot
Hello there.

Hokuto no Ken: Ken's Rage crashes at startup/boot.
I tried using many different settings (as suggested in the rules), none of which worked.
It could be that there is a specific setting combination that works with the game, and that I just haven't found it yet.

Do note that the game worked on a much earlier RPCS3 version.
What version exactly...I have no idea.

Also note that my PC configuration remained unchanged since version 0.0.4.
(i.e. Since the first time I started using RPCS3.)

The log files have been added.
(The older logs were deleted to help reduce clutter.)

Lucky Cross
So... No one has any idea why this is happening?
It seems no one can help solve this.


Well now... This is interesting...

I managed to fix the issue of the game crashing at boot.
It seems the problem was caused by the Aspect Ratio.

If you set the aspect ratio to either Auto or 4:3, the game will CRASH AT BOOT.
However... If you set it to 16:9... It boots up no problem.

Here's some pictures as proof: https://imgur.com/a/vURUxHc

This is interesting because I have a 5:4 monitor (HP Compaq LE1711)
yet none of the other games that I have installed ever exhibited such problems.

Note: The reason why the game never crashed on me before,
is because I had a 16:9 monitor up until a few months ago, when it decided to die on me.

I'll make a YouTube video about this shortly.

PS: Now all that needs to be fixed are the white in-game textures and the game will be perfect.

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