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MadMike presentation
Hello all

I test rpcs3 for about 2 year now. I test many games in linux.

I hate what become wind*** 10 ... so i switch to linux about 3 year ago ALL of my computers.

I have no particular attachment over ps3 put the games are varied and many came/ported from PC, where a game a little bit in the past.

Many of my loved games exist in ps3, lack of some BEST in pc, S.T.A.L.K.E.R in example.

I switch windows 7 to linux mint to learn who linux work and switch again to Debian cinnamon because it's the foundations.

Rpcs3 is better in windows for what i've seen. But never again i am returning to somewhat are no user frendly.

So i've write here to present myself and somewhere i can post questions about Rpcs3.

2 questions now:

-I have a game there is not listed in database, what i do whit that ?

-I have a wireless controller who work perfectly in windows but in linux i cannot "map" buttons in "pads", ALL "mappings" came "LZ+" or "LZ-" whatever i press on the pad, what can i do whit that ?

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