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BLUS31159 - NCAA 14 - Crashing without Warning
Hello All,

I have NCAA 14 running smoothly on the latest build with the following settings (I have the audio disabled):

[attachment=15801] [attachment=15802]

I have no problem in any of the menus, simulation or the like; and in game I have no stuttering or missing elements (running at a smooth 50 fps):


Unfortunately, no matter what settings I have tried, the game will still freeze at random points in an actual game (virtually always when a given play has ended and the playbook is meant to pop up), as such:


I'm running a Ryzen 2600X on a B450 board with 16GB of DDR4 and with a Vega 56, so I am fairly sure I have ample computing power to run the emulator without issue:

[attachment=15804] [attachment=15805] [attachment=15806]

I have tried working my way through all of the suggestions I've found online, but cannot rectify the issue. I believe I have attached all the required information - but if I am missing something I apologize and just let me know what you need.

Any assistance would be truly appreciated. Thanks Much!

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