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Free Camera/ Free Look as Feature RPCS3
hello am new here i would like to ask will your team be adding a feature so called Free camera / Free Look like they did with Dolphin Emulator i would like to see that as a feature for all games like Sly Trilogy, Ratchet Trilogy and other games taking to use in both in game cutscenes and normal Exploring also when i mean in game cutscenes then i mean take controll of the camera in cutscenes as movable to see things in background where characters appears Teleports random things and such 

maybe have a noclip to move around even in cutscenes too? i wouldent mind pay 50 or 60 us/uk for that kind of feature i would mostly like it for ratchet and clank 1,2 and 3 and sly 2  full version Smile

by the way how is your progress for performance for the ratchet and sly games to be playable? fixing the bottla bug for sly 2 and speed for ratchet since its crasihng graphic glitches and stuff just asking i would love to have that feature free Camera / Free Look as a thing is there a way to pay for that?
Already discussed several times before, not possible due to how PS3 works. It can only be possible through game modding.

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