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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles - Transparancy/double screen/overlay issue
Hello, everyone!

I've just started to use RCPS3 on my Asus Vivobook X510UR (specs down below) and works perfectly! My first game played with it currently is Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (old but gold - the 1st one to be specific). The game is running all nice and smooth, no sound errors or graphic problems, except for this weird transparency/double screen slightly overlaying the game (screenshots attached). I tried to search around the forum, and also some YouTube videos testing the game on RCPS3 but copying the configurations did not solve the problem.

I've been testing almost every kind of checkboxes enabled/disabled and nothing seems to fix this issue. I found this other Thread which appears to be the same topic, but without replies: https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-200610.h...+symphonia. So I'm trying this one here...can anyone help?

• Notebook Specs:
- Windows 10
- Intel Core i7 8550U
- GeForce 930MX Off-board

• RCPS3 Settings: please see Screenshots
[Image: hv7nZ1A]
[Image: K17stiS]
[Image: oPsLFBp]
[Image: 5R2SoSy]
[Image: EECmwEv]

Thanks already! Smile

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