Scorpion1014RSX Crashes Nvidia
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08-22-2019, 08:00 AM -
So I'll get right to it, I have been trying to get my back up of MK Vs DC to stop crashing. The game will be playing fine @ 60 fps and then just freeze with a random RSX error it differs every time sometimes it is an error I have seen already or other times it's something new but always is an RSX Error. I have tried the newest version of Rcps3 and went back a few version and it is always the same. This happens to me using Vulkan or OpenGl. I am running a 1060 6gb video card what I have tried already is uninstalling the nvidia Drivers with DDU and reinstalling them fresh with no luck, still crashes the same way, are there settings I'm missing or is it a nvida issue..........Also would like to add this is in window mode. It doesn't really matter what resolution I try it still crashes with something RSX related.....Thanks for your help in advance guys/gals.

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08-23-2019, 08:21 AM -
The issue not is related with Geforce 1060.

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