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Metal Gear Solid Integral [SLPM86247]
Tested with 500a4fa2.

PPU LLVM Recompiler
SPU ASMJIT Recompiler (LLVM doesn't let you start the game)
Stretch to Display Area
Anisitropic Filter 16x

The games runs at 60 fps except when you get discovered where it goes to 20ish but it doesn't display on the fps counter.

[Image: 6cd44aa4a76a34dbb09d0ad86e34fca9.png]
[Image: 22d260f6f25c26bf041be298513a60f8.png][Image: 2938ff1a2ec28d96f6a7175c7c317f56.png][Image: 9d55dce98292b5a505b039df5944b034.png]
This is not a PS3 Game, this is a PS1 Classic running on top of Sony's ps1emu, moved to General Discussion

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