fade2black001RPCS3.exe has stopped responding
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After a short while (anywhere from 5mins to 2hrs) The emulator will stop responding, After a period of time you can see that the system RAM usage goes up. It starts out at like 1.2GB when running a game and after a time max is is usually 2 hours and the average. After that time when it hits around 2.7-3.2GB of system RAM usage it stops responding. This is what I gathered and it doesn't matter what version I use it still happens.

Specs just because....

I7 8700
windows  10 x64

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08-10-2019, 12:43 AM -
Did you check VRAM Usage? It could be a VRAM leak

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08-10-2019, 01:56 AM -
(08-10-2019, 12:43 AM)Ani Wrote: Did you check VRAM Usage? It could be a VRAM leak
After testing VRAM this is what I got. I am not sure if its a leak as it needs further testing. What I do know is that it stop responding at the system RAM usage as with what I provided earlier.

Here is what I got for my VRAM results. first started the game it was at 1.4GB then moved into the main menu and got 3.2GB. After going into the actual game for the first time. I was 4.2GB-4.5. Then from there it slowly went up, 4.7,4.9,52,5.5 etc etc up to around 6.6-6.7 and it seems ed to be very content and steady there. As each increase in usage happened like about every 5-7mins or so. This was all done with using MSI Afterburner. As of now its still inclusive as another run may yield different results but somehow I kind of doubt it. This was also done within an hours worth of time as well before it crashed. So takes this as you will and hope it helps in future endeavors.

If you need any more testing or data let me know and I will try and provide it the best I can.

Edit: I should also mention that in parts where my GPU wasn't being being used that much the VRAM never changed

Edit 2: After further test it seems like system RAM and VRAM both are leaking. They both constantly go up at their own set intervals. I still think its a System RAM issue and not VRAM causes the application to stop responding. Once again around the 2.7-3.2GB RAM usage mark the emulator stops responding, it happens all the time
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