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Kingdom Hearts weird Half Speed issue
Hello Guy, the issue I have is that Kingdom hearts games show 30fps on the bar and 15 fps at the overlay, the game is kinda choppy but overall speed seem normal, no crackling sounds or slowness of the character.

The feel is that of a frameskip ON or a severe framepacing issue

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Intel® Pentium® CPU G4560 @ 3.50GHz | 4 Threads | 15.96 GiB RAM

Your CPU is too weak
OK, I´ll take your word for it...I found it strage that there is no crackling sound or moonwalking Sora though...

The other games I got all work fullspeed, NG Sigma, Dragon´s Crown (2d though) and Saint Seiya Sanctuary battle, I am on this emulation thingie since the Nesticle days so I know that a game may not look demanding but it is.

Thanks for your time Smile
Sorry but I had to revisit this as I managed to get it perfect now despite the CPU

Clocks Scale goes to 200
Vblank State stays at 60 or you get double speed
Enable frameskip goes to false

Got 30 fps fixed on this, managed to go up to 1080 and tossed some antialiasing in for good measure

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Remember that frameskip is disabled by default and not supposed to be used

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