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Weird fps behaviour
Is this supposed to be normal(anyone experience the same thing)?

I am using the "gs_gcm_basic_triangle.elf" to check my fps but there is something weird

i7-6700HQ,GTX1060 3GB,16GB Ram on Win10

1.Using my nvidia gpu and I limit the cpu speed to 98% which disables the turbo mode(aka vacuum cleaner noise mode and I get nice temps while it is off)
Between 98% and 100%,I loose ~100fps while the cpu is running at higher clock speed(3.2ghz instead of 2.6Ghz)

2.Using my intel gpu,I get the same results...I can even lower the cpu to 800Mhz and I will still get around the same speed while the cpu is at 100%(3.2Ghz)

3.Using my nvidia card with OGL mode,I get more than half the speed than what I get while using my intel card which is hugely weaker than my nvidia card and nvidia is supposed to perform better while using OGL(~1050 to ~480)

I am using the latest version(RPCS3 0.0.6-8349)and my drivers are
nVidia - 430.39
Intel -

Also,is 350STP really something so huge that I will get more than half the speed,~1050fps to ~2600(1799stp to 2154stp according to passmark)

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