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Gran Turismo 5 not working.Help!
Hello i'm new on forum , and i have a problem with Gran Turismo 5 on RPCS3.
I checked probably thousand of settings , and any particular setting is not working.Trying OpenGL , Vulkan or DX.
I saw on youtube that most of people can play this game even on i5 processor.
This is what's happens when i open this game:

[Image: jaz4tv.png]

System specs:

[Image: r5kJOIZ.png]
Missing log file

Note that your CPU is very weak being a laptop dual core so you're not going to be able to actually play the game or almost any game in RPCS3 for that matter.
Thanks for the answer! I was so hyped that finally can play on this emulator but no.I wasted my time searching settings for game and ye.It's doesn't matter( i guess) to send my log if u are 100% sure that this game unfortunately can't open.I'm pissed off.
It can open sure, but it will be too slow to play
Also, it's still not Playable, only GT5 Prologue

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