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Wink  05-23-2019, 08:30 AM -
hello my name is william handoko, im 23 yo, from indonesia

at the first few times of this emu development stages, i feel pessimistic about the future of this emu, because the development goes slowly as hell, BUT NOW... i enjoyed this very much, every steps of it, really, because i had learn some process of making emulator ( im not an expert at programming )

not easy though for build some codes and implement them to emulate the real hardware of ps3, and clone them to work as well in the pc hardware either, but at this present stages of development, the devs are making such huge improvements ( i have seen the progress in youtube channel ),and simply i feel happy and more spirited, that this emu gonna be a breakthrough some day ( after i seen some progress of other emu, and some of them are dead though), well, patience is the key, and for the devs, i hope you guys dont feel bogged down Smile ( KEEP IT UP ! Big Grin )

ok thats all ! keep supporting the devs and every collaborators, and every changes to the program really mattters how little is it, thank you all !

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