alb3530[FIXED]Is Vulkan expected to have massive frameskipping if comparated to OpenGL?
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05-16-2019, 08:45 PM -
I've noticed it in the only two playable games I have: "Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD [NPUB30034]" and After Burner Climax (will check later if it's NPEB00175 or NPUB30151):

(video to be added later)

-When running in OpenGL, I have smooth gameplay at 60FPS (low CPU and GPU usage);
-When running in Vulkan, I have a reported gameplay of 60FPS (low (even lower than OpenGL) CPU, and low  GPU usage), but the game drops frames consistently.

I haven't created a topic in the support section cause I didn't find other users reporting this problem, and given Vulkan is recommended over OpenGL, I assume most people are either using it with the frameskipping (maybe not expecting much, once it's a emulator) or without problems.

If you use Vulkan, do you also have this constant frameskipping?

UPDATE: I Fixed the problem

For anyone with the same problem, there were 2 causes for my frame skipping in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD [NPUB30034]:

1 - Monitor was set to 120 fps and game was running at 60 fps. Sometimes I play in Windowed (no G-SYNC since it's not working well since some NVIDIA driver version), and if I do it, there's a lot of frame skipping. I believe fixing this might be out of developers control, as it could be related to Vulkan and the way it handles graphics. There are games where it works fine (Forza Horizon 4, DX12) and other games that have this frameskipping issue (Forza Motorsport 7, DX12) when game is at 60 FPS and monitor is at 120 ups (updates per second).

2 - Even with fullscreen and G-SYNC engaged, some frameskipping still happened due to the fact framelimiter was off in RPCS3 settings. As it was recommended to leave it off, I've locked the emulator to 60 fps using RTSS (RivaTunerStatisticsServer). After limiting the FPS to 60 in RPCS3 settings, the frameskipping problems disappeared (RTSS was still limiting RPCS3 to 60 fps, though I'll remove the lock later, as it's not needed since RPCS3 is now controlling this).
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