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Silent hill HD Collection
Hello Everyone

I just started to test RPCS3 and while doing so i decided to see which games are currently PLAYABLE to do so. It so happens that Silent Hill HD Collections is set as playable but the game controllers are broken. The characters dont move and when they do, the walking animations are not playing.... They are like floating over the floor..

I notice someone mention problems similar to mine but i have found no solutions at all....

Please let me know if this is the related to the version of RPCS3 or if the game simply is not working at all..... They should remove if from PLAYABLE is this is the case.

Ok i found out the problem. The FPS was in auto and apparently its so fast that the Controller movements look like they are glitch out. Once you set the Framelimit to 30 or 59.9 the game behaves like it should and the character moves accordingly.

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