Raven MorpheusMoving a save from PCSX2 to RPCS3
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Raven Morpheus

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04-24-2019, 03:30 AM -
Hi there

Just want to say what a great emulator RPCS3 is becoming.  I also apologise in advance as I wasn't sure where the post this.

I have been playing God of War 1 on PCXS2, I'm about halfway through it but I would like to "upgrade" to playing the HD PS3 version of the game.

Thus I am wondering if it's possible, and how to, transfer my save to RPCS3?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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04-25-2019, 02:17 AM -
PCSX2 is a PS2 emulator and RPCS3 is a PS3 emulator
There's no such thing as transferring savedata between them because they have nothing to do with each others
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04-25-2019, 05:47 AM -
By any chance, is it a remastered edition? The two versions are totally different. The best thing I could think of is a hex editor, but your chances are as slim as winning the lottery. There's practically no way to do anything that you hope to accomplish.

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