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what's the minimum i need to run Persona 5 @ a stable 30 fps
i have a GTX1060 6GB and an i5-2400 which i want to upgrade
RPCS3 don't require very powerful gpu.
I clear the game on limited(2.5Ghz out of 3.2-3.5ghz...to reduce the heat)i7-6700HQ(laptop)which is almost the same as your cpu in single threaded performance.

The game was running between 12(a lot of people in the streets)to 60fps in menus(using the 60fps patch)
Battles as far as I remember were always at 30fps or above

Here is a nice list of cpus
The higher the score the better results you will get

PS.My gpu is also 1060 but the 3gb version
cpu is more of a concern for RPCS3. from personal experience, a i5 6600k wont run Persona 5, so i don't think your current cpu would fare well. more modern cpu's should work like 9th gen i5 processors or i7.

also, core count matters
If it supports TSX, that's an even bigger boost. Unfortunately, only a handful of CPUs can use TSX. In terms of recommendation, at least a 7th gen Intel should suffice. I use a mobile i7-8750H and it's been really good with Gran Turismo games surprisingly considering that the series is known to be graphically intense in the post-PS1 era.

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