ReffisThe emulator is stuck in processes and this process cannot be closed.
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Wink  04-21-2019, 09:32 PM -
I apologize in advance for how this can be written, the fact is that I use Google translator, I'm sorry.

Hey. Yesterday I downloaded the latest version of the emulator and I had a problem. Playing demons, the game hung up and did not respond for about half an hour, then I decided to close the process in the task manager, the game was closed, but the emulator process remained, and every time I tried to remove it, I was told: “It is not possible to complete the operation. You do not have access "(I have administrator rights). I tried a lot to close this process, but as a result there was a critical error when starting Windows (I may be guilty). I reinstalled windows and again installed the emulator and the game of the demons soul I played more time, but the problem repeated, I myself, unfortunately, can not cope and really hope that you can help. Dear thank you.

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04-21-2019, 11:05 PM -
Stuck on nvidia hook, you have to reboot. It's a problem with NVIDIA drivers.
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