DankAssKeefTuntzDemon's Souls [BLUS30443] corrupted save/param.sfo?
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Brick  04-19-2019, 02:14 AM -
About 30+ hours deep into Demon's Souls when I experienced a BSoD. Upon attempting to reboot, I received this error in the RPCS3 log:

[font=BentonSans, sans-serif]f {ppu[0x1000019] thread (slsession) [0x00a2d25c]} class std::runtime_error thrown: verification failed: (in file c:\projects\rpcs3\rpcs3\loader\psf.cpp:116)[/font]

I tried to fix the issue by copy all files (except the param.sfo) in my Demon's Souls save directory, creating a new game, then pasting the old files back in (apart from the corrupted param.sfo). Unfortunately, this also broke the game as I am now playing as a floating doll head. 
Does anyone have any potential solutions or recommendations to help me recover my save? If there is no way to recover it, is there a way RPCS3 can automatically create backup saves for games that frequently autosave like Demon's Souls? I've put in so much work, we all know how much of a hustle Demon's Souls is.. I feel my soul falling to the demons.. Thanks everyone!

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