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RPCS3 Creating Game Data
I am running some games that requires to create game data on the hdd part of the rpcs3
It is getting stuck on random percentage but not going to be 100% completed

Here is the image: https://ibb.co/RYJxYyk

Please how to fix this?
Missing log file.
(04-21-2019, 11:07 PM)Ani Wrote: Missing log file.

I'll reply with MY logs because this is a VERY COMMON problem for me (and my games). Maybe it's because I've ripped them via the pc (using Windows 10) and not throught the PS3, I don't know...

Seems to me that RPCS3 isn't handling very well creating new folders like when installing games or sometimes savedata.
Even booting RPCS3 with administratore privileges (also I'am the only user/admin) won't change anything...and yes, even changing read/write priveleges on RPCS3 folders won't change much...

So, I'll attach the logs from Armored Core V BLES01440:

The first one (nodirectory) is without doing anything to folders.

The second (withdirectory) is after creating manually the 5 folders where the game want to install himself:


The first one is a dead-end (intro), the second one goes straight in-game.

Thanks to any reply.

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