Crysis [NPJB00150]
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04-18-2019, 11:22 PM -
System information:

 - CPU: i7 7700HQ (wasn't throttling, so @3.80GHz)
 - RAM: 16 GB
 - GPU: GTX 1060M (6GB ver, driver version: 425.31 [latest])
 - OS: Windows 10 Home (version: 1809, build: 17763.437 [latest])
 - RPCS3 build and PS3 fw info: RPCS3 v0.0.6-7990-777a99d0 Alpha [latest] | Firmware version: 4.84 [latest]

Game status:

 - Ingame.

Settings required:

 - Default settings.


 - Just as the other copies, the game produces heavy strobing, striping, and other misc visual artifacts. Some or all of these issues might going to get resolved with the upcoming MSAA implementation.
 - The performance hovers between 15 and 20 fps, but it's mostly around 15. This is however with the RSX thread going bonkers (99%, indefinitely), so this might improve with the aforementioned change.
 - The game is incredibly prone to lock up, even more so than the other copies, so I had to resort to 'Preferred SPU Threads: 1' to get ingame, and even then it took multiple tries. With luck or a better CPU however, this should not be needed.

Image proof:

[Image: DQgzu02.jpg]

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