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need for speed most wanted launches to a black screen

I installed RPCS3 in its latest version (rpcs3-v0.0.6-7804-63a94216_win64.7z) and installed every other requirement (fw, vulkan runtimes...), but launching need for speed most wanted didn't get me anywhere but a black screen, alongside some log exceptions (I've uploaded the log file, see attachments below).

Here is my pc in case you need it (Modded HP Pavilion DV7-3200es):
OS: Windows 7 Pro
CPU: OC'd Intel i5 1st gen 430M, opened parked cores and now makes 2,8Ghz
GPU: OCd NVIDIA Geforce G105M with CUDA (1030Mhz to memory and 695Mhz to core)
GPU Driver: version 342.01
VRAM: 12545Mb

I suspect it is a GPU issue since it doesn't feature Vulkan.
Looking forward to a response from you.
Your GPU doesn't support the minimal requirements of OpenGL 4.3, doesn't even support OpenGL 4.0, you can't run anything with it

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