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Win7 input devices crashed
Hello, Dear forumists!
Sorry maybe I’m not in time and place, but I have a problem and can’t find the clue for fixing.. 
I’ve download rpcs3, ps3 firmware and betterjoyforcemu.
Just have downloaded soft, and have installed drivers, and rebooted system. After driver installing and rebooting system all usb inputs have died. Wired keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard, wireless mouse don’t reacting at all... first time there was some infinite usb connect/disconnect process, with special device connect sounds, but after some reboots it vanished. Now only keyboards and mouse don’t work.. tried to reconnect devices, but nothing changed...

In Bios everything is working. 

From DVD I booted Linux-Lite, and removed betterjoyforcemu drivers, but it didn’t help.

So I thought that someone has occured such as promlem, and I could find some fix method instead of reinstall Win7...

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