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Red Dead Redemption - Game of the Year Edition [BLUS30758]
Files are a binary match with current EU report

The US release of the game contains the exact same executables (eboot and selfs) as its EU counterpart (BLES01294), therefore it'll always perform the exact same as that one. Since the EU release is marked as Ingame, the US sku should be too.

PS.: The match extends beyond just the executables, all other game files match too besides the 3 disc descriptor files (LIC.DAT, PS3_GAME.SFB, PARAM.SFO), hence my confidence in it performing the same way as the EU disc. This info can be easily verified just by taking a look at their respective IRDs, as that's how I've came across this as well.

Game working as of current master
It should be noted that this SKU does not appear in the compat database, which confuses the poor bot :(

It should be added in a group with the EU sku.

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