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AMD Performance!
Hi everyone, i made a post on amd support forums for them to improve/resolve performance problems with AMD graphic cards. Please click "i have the same question" or answer my post to give visibility on AMD forum! Maybe at least they'll give answers!! Everyone on the RPCS3 forum please contact AMD about this, we can make them hear us!!

Did you change anything other than the GPU on your PC? Half performance going from GTX 770 to Vega 64 seems highly unlikely.
Hi, no didn't change anything, it realy comes from the card. I installed it with a fresh install in windows, works perfectly in games, but in RPCS3 and CEMU i discovered like many people in forums that ATI performance is way behind nvidia. Performance changes depends from games, but in dead space i went to stable 30fps with the gtx770 (with I7 [email protected]) to a variable fps: in some zone perf is the same, but goes as low as 15fps sometimes in some zones. Performance tends to be better in OpenGl than Vulkan.
I tried RPCS3 in linux and with OpenGl i have 30fps stable back in openGl with MESA drivers!!! (Vulkan a bit lower)
So the windows AMD drivers are the problem (i tried 4 of them, same results). 
So now i play RPCS3 in ubuntu, works perfectly, but i'm very disapointed with my Vega64 in windows for emulation...
Despite the driver issues, half the fps going from a 770 to a vega sounds off. I have a 7870 for example and performance is comparable to my 1050 ti, maybe 2-5 fps slower unless I try to go over 100 fps. One issue to consider is that emulators are very heavy on pci-e IO, so make sure the card is on a full pci-e 3.0 x16 slot. I've seen reports and also experienced it myself that using the primary slot on the motherboard yields far greater performance for example. It would also help to gather performance statistics for the games mostly affected by this so that other users can verify, maybe a config tweak can fix the issues for you.
Thank you very much Kd-11 for your message (and for all your work!)
My card is already on the first pcie slot, and i verified in my bios and Gpu-z, my Vega64 is in Pcie 3.0 x16 mode (i even checked in load/while playing to be sure...)
Reading  other messages on different forums i thought that performance drop was AMD cards/drivers related, but maybe i miss something...
For now i'm very happy with Ubuntu/MESA performance but in Windows i regret my old gtx770...
How can i "gather performance statistics"? if that can help? For the config tweak, i already tested many, many, many...combinations but the drops are always there in the same zones, with fps low as 15-20, maybe a bit better when the character don't move... And in the next room in the game i can have smooth 30fps...
Thank you so much for your time!

Ps: Not related with performance but some textures appears corrupted/not loaded in Dead Space: the "grids" on the walls are white (on the right on the screen) the doors borders are yellow (on the left on the screen) - same on nividia and AMD that time Smile Again i didn't find a config tweak to make things work, do you have an idea ? Or should i just wait for a future release of the emulator? Thx!
For performance stats, just gather a list of games that perform very differently under AMD vs NV and check with other users if they are also getting the same results.This will help isolate the triggers for the poor performance since PC configurations can vary greatly between users, making it hard to determine where the issue is coming from.As for dead space, I do not know about the missing graphics, you can ask in discord server or open a github issue for it.
When you're using RPCS3, open GPU-z and monitor things like GPU Load, Memory and GPU clock. I've found a big issue with my Radeon's in the past is that the driver is not detecting a heavy load or 3D app, and is using 2D clocks (1/3 the normal power).
yeah the AMD GPU performance is a little strange, although ive seen a few youtube videos of some users with Intel I5 or I7 CPU and a AMD RX 580 and it runs fine for them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVDMyEzPTR4

but i see a lot more issues in the AMD CPU performance, although later versions of Ryzen seem to do fine but earlier ones get it too, i see some posts around for ppl on TSX compatibility and the old AMD's dont support it or its lower frequencies, but the games fps and emulation speed is tied to the games logic or something so if the fps is low it runs slow motion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmhn3PtAfYA

although theres some videos from the old 0.0.5 builds that run alright https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voZDhwB9NGk

so im not sure its a strange issue lol but theres definitely somethin up with the AMD CPU performance, so if you guys (and or girls) get to it that would be great although i know its a stressful and tedious job so no worries
AMD CPUs perform worse because the architecture is worse
The solution is AMD making better CPUs with proper CCX latency or making bigger CCX modules (more cores)
(03-13-2019, 03:06 PM)Ani Wrote: AMD CPUs perform worse because the architecture is worse
The solution is AMD making better CPUs with proper CCX latency or making bigger CCX modules (more cores)

My AMD 2700x at 4.25 Ghz runs it great at 1/3 the price. 
Better than my 4770k even when I pushed it to 4.5Ghz.

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