Borderlands 2 [NPEB01144]
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It's very close to playable
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Removed the ™ from the thread name, please check the names on our compatibility database to see the formatting we have already for the game's name (unless you have an edition not already on the list, or the name of the game is different due to region) it must match so they can be merged.
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If I may ask, what ISN'T playable about BL2? 
I'm about 1/3 of the main story at the moment, and I've only hit a singular issue once that seems rare but random (where the screen remains white after a character intro cutscene plays) that a quick save and reload fixed.
Some minor issues like menu graphics can sometimes be off color or have a small boundary they're not meant to have.

All around, I fail to see what isn't playable yet and was intending to make a report soon. 
Even playing Salvador in hectic environments I fail to ever dip below 30 thus far-- even using Torgue weapons.

Edit: Given you tested on a laptop CPU, if it's perf related that's even more convincing to me as most people on desktops will have far superior performance.
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