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Gran Turismo Academy 2013 [NPJA90251]
Game: GTアカデミー 2013 | Gran Turismo Academy 2013
Build: rpcs3-v0.0.5-7536-ec768afb_win64
Status: Loadable (Black Screen 60FPS)

Gets stuck on

E {rsx::thread} RSX: NV3089_IMAGE_IN_SIZE: Invalid blit dimensions passed

if you use OpenGL or Vulkan and just sits there on Null. If set to DX12, it does seem to be doing "something" based on the console putting out building SPU messages, but it's still black and it runs at .05 FPS.

I even tried the wonky settings used in NPEA, but no dice.

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Moving to general discussion until proper intro/ingame report is made. This game suffers from a race condition, i have confirmed it can go ingame.

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