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11-22-2018, 04:25 AM -
Every time a new build comes out, I have to rebuild my shader and SPU caches, which unfortunately means playing through the playable parts of each game at really low framerates.  Although people can use the whole "different architecture" argument, I'll use Cemu as a an example.

It compiles all the shaders into a simple .bin file, but also makes a transferrable version that you can put into a new build to save yourself from having to rebuild your shader cache.

I know accuracy and performance are higher up on the list of priorities, but will RPCS3 ever see transferrable shader/SPU caches like that?

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11-22-2018, 07:03 PM -
> Every time a new build comes out, I have to rebuild my shader and SPU caches
No, you don't - you only have to rebuild shader/SPU caches when their cache version is updated.

Shader and SPU caches are also transferable if you want to move them to a different computer. Data folder is path dependant though, so if you change your path you need to copy the caches themselves from one directory to the other.

Shader caches are on /data/GAMEID/[EXECUTABLEID]-EBOOT.BIN/

You're just supposed to drop new builds on top of your current one and replace all files when prompted though.

To transfer, boot the game on the destination location so it generates the folders above, then copy the contents of the folders from the old location from the new location, and not the "executableIDs" folders itself.
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