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matthewhortonCorrect Install location - Windows 10
I realise this is probably a very 'noob' question...

I currently have RPCS3 installed in a folder on my desktop and I want to move it. Can I do so without causing the emulator any problems? And also, where is best to move it to? Does Windows 10 have a specific folder or location for putting programs into or is it ok just to put it anywhere I like? 

Of course. It is recommended, by me anyway, to never have emulators on you main C drive. I doubt PS3 emulation has this issue, but it could cause issues with saving and such. Like I said. I doubt this emulator has that issue.
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so I can move the RCPS3 folder to my documents folder without upsetting the emulator? someone told me that if I move it after installing, it will cause problems...
It won't cause any problems. But i don't recommend moving it to my documents. Move it somewhere else.
Portable software can be placed anywhere generally.
Windows has some directories with special permissions that can restrict the emulator though. Place it on any directory that's not one of those special directories (e.g. System directories, "Program Files").

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