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Cannot remember the name of this game
There was a game that was released only in the PS Store at the tail end of PS3's life, so about 4 to 6 years ago.  It focused on 2-player co-op sidescroller gameplay that I believe involved mine carts with jumps and I think grappling and the way it was setup I dont think there was split screen in 2-player. I think the objective was for each stage you had to get the mine cart which I think had something valuable in it to the end of the stage passing through various obstacles.  I was rather broke at the time and I figured by now it had dropped in price.  But without remembering the name I cannot find it in the massive number of games sold in the PS Store.  If anyone thinks they might know it please take a guess.
Remembered it......Chariot, not quite a mine cart.
It may be Minecraft.

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