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asura's warth performence test
system: Intel i5-3337U CPU 1.80GHz
            ram 8GB 
            GPU GT625m (no vulkan surpport)

game title: Asura's Warth

hello, everyone!
well, this is a basic perforamce test on my old laptop, as you can see, the system specification is not good, so the performance is low as well,but there are many issues I found in this case , I think it is usefull for the developers to analysize and optimize the emulator.I lists the issues as follows, wellcome to review!

1. rendering issue
when the secen was loaded the first time, it was dark, then it became normal progressly
[Image: 0067Cz6Kzy7mR7TtXnr81&690][Image: 0067Cz6Kzy7mR7VDZvB53&690]

2. texture precision issue
the facial texture of the chracater should have a dramatic pattern , but in the realtime rendering scene, yasha's face looks like flat shading without texture. here is a comparison.
[Image: 0067Cz6Kzy7mR7Y1PtX25&690]
[Image: 0067Cz6Kzy7mR7Uab6J5d&690]

3.character model issue
character model just like cartton, they are not rendered precisely, some features are lost, make them ulgy and rough.[Image: 0067Cz6Kzy7mR7V1mxo56&690]
[Image: 0067Cz6Kzy7mR7UxHRs76&690][Image: 0067Cz6Kzy7mR7Xm8Wg9c&690]
3. special effect issue
the special effect elements are not blend correctly, they are just rendered as squares. as for the liquid lava, they are like watercolours style.
[Image: 0067Cz6Kzy7mR7YK2np63&690]

4. framerate issue
though the hardware is low-end, it was meaningfull to see that my cpu is strugling to render the progress in real time, it was sluggish,but it worked as designed.

at last, welcome to review.
Moved to general discussion since it's not a game report

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