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Kingdom hearts birth by sleep BLUS31460
Hi!  Cool

I been trying to play this game for months!

i remmember the older verisons around 1 year ago or so.. worked  with no problems but i cant find the older verisons to download... so how can i play this???  Huh always after the cutscene it gets black screen few months ago when i tried i could start the game but the cutscenes got like 4-5 fps then after skiipping all then again black screen.. but this time i always get to after intro cutscene i dont even get to the meny to choose new game... so please someone?

*i tried to experiment choices on cpu gpu options but nothing so what to do? again wait for months? i mean The game is *playable* well for me it isent playable so please help? i put the log too hope it helps....


i5 2500k
gtx 1050 ti
8 gb ram

best regards Tino  Heart

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