DesarayelKingdom hearts HD 2.5 ReMix problems
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07-26-2018, 06:14 PM -

Since few days I try to run correctly kingdom hearts 2.5 FM, despite thousands of attempts of settings, nothing works, I desperate. Vulkan is very unstable and crash regularly. I have to use OpenGL, but on this one, it often happens that during the loading, the game crash, the sound is cuting. Futhermore, my fps is dropping very low (especially during the fights) and fall regularly at 10 for 1 second out of fights.

I change the settings hundreds of times, I think the problem does not come from settings... I don't know

My configuration

- intel core i5 7300HQ
- GTX 1060
- 8g RAM

The problem comes from the emulator ? compatibility ? me ? my computer ? 

Thank you for your answers

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