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Cannot get past Persona 4 Arena intro video
I have been able to get Persona 5 to work very well, but whenever I try to play Persona 4 Arena I can't get past the opening video. The video itself plays great, and the audio works as well. Whenever I try to skip the video or it just ends, the game seems to freeze. I have tried a variety of different settings, but nothing has made a difference. Here's a link to my RPSC3.log in a .7z file: https://mega.nz/#!9UM3CQjB!qE0KGJ-6dWIbt...rktAVojJD8. My TTY.log was completely empty so I didn't include it. Any help would be appreciated.

My Specs:
CPU: Intel i5 8600K
OS: Windows 10
Nvidia Driver: 398.36
Hey. I've tested Persona 4 on RPCS3 build 0.0.5 7123-c5c0f68b3 Alpha but not matter what configuration I used, I couldn't get past intro. Also interestingly lots of games have performance degradation on that build for me.

However I managed to play game on RPCS3 build 0.0.5-6694-25ec899cf Alpha. Configuration required is Strict Rendering Mode and Write Color Buffers. Without it I couldnt get past intro even once. Game is playable perfectly however I noticed occasionally fps drop when playing as Ken & Koromaru when Koromaru is on screen. It doesnt happen often tho.

You won't get past intro always however. It could be because some of characters are cause of freeze? I've managed to get past intro only when are these characters shown past intro: Yukari, Ken&Koromaru, Labrys, Mitsuru, Akihiko, Chie, Yosuke, Kanji, Naoto, Sho, Yukiko. I didn't install dlc so don't know about these characters.

Most importantly in my case to get past intro on that build you need to mash START button to skip intro as past as possible. If everything goes well you''ll be able to play the game. If freeze, try again till success.

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