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Thread Contributor: Margen67Ultrawide/Eyefinity/Surround (21:9, 32:9, etc) hack tutorial and codes/patches list
I noticed there was a thread for 60FPS hacks, but not for aspect ratio hacks so I decided to make one.

Note: To have games fill the entire screen you need to go to Configuration > GPU and check Stretch To Display Area

How to make aspect ratio hacks:
You will need Cheat Engine for this.
Once Cheat Engine is installed you need to add the 'Big Endian Float' type (ignore the 'Do not forget to use' part):
While rpcs3 is running open Cheat Engine click File > Open Process and choose RPCS3.
Make sure you're in a part of the game with 3D. (This can work for 2D games also)
Set Value Type to Big Endian Float and do a First Scan with the value of 1.777777
If you don't find anything just delete a 7 and try again.
Once you find addresses highlight them and click the red arrow.
Click one of the addresses you just added and press Enter.
Enter the desired aspect ratio (http://www.wsgf.org/article/common-hex-values)
The aspect ratio should change. If not, try another address.
Note: This hack won't work for all games.

  • GRAN TURISMO HD Concept (Patch by Margen67)


#Author: Margen67
PPU-ad3a1ecff65a78f9a8380ff4f12960f499604bf4: #NPEA90002
 - [be32, 0x9BAD3C, 0x3F95C28F]

Cheat Engine addresses: (coming soon)
[Image: p]

[Image: p]
really love the 21:9 Replays... In-game is nice despite the UI which can be hidden in GT5P/GT5/GT6...
Sorry, but the instructions you posted aren't clear for me. Could you explain it a bit more?
1. There are 2 RPCS3 processes - which one should I get into CE? The Main one or the in-game one?
2. When searching for big endian float do I scan for exact value?
3. Scanning for 1.77777 value gives a lot of values that are constantly changing. Isn't value supposed to be constant 1.777? I can't find any.
4. You say "Click one of the addresses you just added". How do I choose it? At random?
5. Do I need to tick the Active box ont the left?

That's a lot of questions, but I hope you can help me. I've been trying to get it working for a long time.
One more question:
What did you set in aspect ratio settings?

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