vsubDid anyone notest any audio stuterring after the recent windows update
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07-12-2018, 04:23 PM -
I was playing Atelier Shallie for around 30 hours by using only one rpcs3 version and with the same settings.I was putting my laptop in sleep mode when I want to turn it off so since the begining of the game until I had to restart,this was the first restart,the game was working fine until the restart.

Now I get it almost every time the game is loading something new that also have audio(like a comment of sound effect)

I am using 0.0.5-7005 and those are my settings
SPU:ASMJIT(the game is always crashing with LLVM)
Prefered SPU Threads: Audo
Enable Thread Scheduler: On
Enable SPU Loop Detection: On

Lowering Spu thread priority: off(this option is half half....it makes some things better but make other worse)

Renderer: Vulkan
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
AF: 16X
Framelimit: 50(the game seems to work better with 50 than with 60\auto\off)
Resolution Scale: 150%
Use GPU Texture Scaling: off

i7-6700HQ,GTX1060,16GB RAM

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