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Thread Contributor: fladiEStruggeling to create a valid ISO.
Hi there,

As the topic says, I´m struggling to create an Iso image of my 3-4 important games. I can say, that I´ve read the Quick-Guide over and over again.
In my first steps I just made an Iso from my God of War 3, unzipped it, started it, just to realize it´s barely not supported yet (blackscreen). So I decided to try the next one.

The main step I´ve never done was the decryption of the Iso. 3k3y IsoTools tells me multiple decryption error and that it will proceed without decryption. 

I now wonder if it could be, that even if the ID is right (and mentioned on the Game disks) the games are not encryptable? Or does my Blueray Drive ASUS BW-16D1HT produce errors?

Could someone tell me, what I do wrong here?

To create the image i tried ImgBurn, IsoCreator and 3k3y IsoTools (with ird file). But all of them ended in errors while decrypting.
I did this with the following games:
BCES00791 Blu-Ray God of War: Collection
BCES01584 Blu-Ray The Last of Us
BCES00510 Blu-Ray God of War III (without encryption)

Additionaly i would like to ask, if there are such tools/terminal commands for linux availabe, since this is my primary OS, I would like to use it here.

If You need more information, just ask me.
I could provide you with the Log from 3k3y IsoTools if needed.

Thanks alot!

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