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FIFA Street 4 [BLES01493] (FIFA Street from 2012...)
"Fifa Street 4" now goes in-game and has glitchy graphics, albeit the game is almost playable.

The graphics issues are the feet and legs of players (arms too I recall) floating away from each players body, however after tinkering with my settings using RPCS 0.0.5-6925-db9a6113d Alpha, made the game playable-ish to the extent the ball can be moved using passing or skills around the pitch, players on both sides can be seen doing Rainbows and all manner of tricks.

These graphical glitches ONLY affect the players, because the pitch and ball, and supporters surrounding the pitch arena were all rendering fine.

Here are the best settings to get it working:-

CPU (screenshot attached)

PPU - interpreter precise
SPU - interpreter fast
1 SPU thread
Automatically load required libraries
I ticked just Enable Thread scheduler and Enable SPU loop detection

GPU (screenshot attached)

OpenGL (I think it flickered more on Vulkan)
I unticked Use GPU Texture Scaling and ticked Disable Vertex Cache

Overall, I am not sure if ALL the above settings were 100% required for it to work to this extent as opposed to the other options being chosen, but I can safely say this ran at a decent 40fps + sound was all good, which was amazing for me to see after the recent furthest it would load would be to that initial intro screen.

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