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Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition [NPUB31378]
RPCS3  v0.0.5-6924-5454f57dd Alpha

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This should be playable, you're only getting low FPS because your using PPU Interpreter (fast) which is muchh slower than PPU Recompiler (fastest) and a weak CPU. The other ID for this game is in the Playable category.
No issues were mentioned either, so I'm moving this to playable to match the other ID. If there is any issues then you need to state them and we can look into moving the other ID to ingame.

Please use recompilers and other options that make games run faster as long as they do not cause compatibility issues, if they do run well with the fastest options then you need to make playable reports if you played them for long enough to determine that they are playable if you haven't then an ingame report is fine unless the game has a playable report for another ID.
If the game already has a playable report and you're just adding another ID to the database but putting it in Ingame instead of Playable with no proper reason then you're just creating more work for us.

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