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Video only filling 1/4 of your screen? TRY THIS FIX.
PROBLEM:  You boot up your game, only to notice that the video occupies only 1/4 of your window.  If you full-screen, the problem persists.  What exactly is causing this?

REASON:  If you are running a 4K or UltraHD display, then you are probably falling victim to a DPI scaling issue.  

SOLUTION:  Right-click your rpcs3.exe and select Properties.  Navigate to the Compatibility tab, then click on the "Change high DPI settings" button near the bottom.  Once inside, check off the Program DPI box, as well as the High DPI scaling override checkbox.  Finally, click the drop-down menu underneath of the box and select System (Enhanced).  Click OK and close it up.  This should fix the issue and scale the video properly to fit a high resolution display.

NOTE:  Obviously this may not work for everyone, but it instantly solved the problem for me when attempting to use RPCS3 with my 4K displays.

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