SrksiHow to convert pkg to ordinary folder game?
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06-02-2018, 06:52 PM -
I dont wanna install 4 gb pkg every time I change build, practically every day! Smile tried to copy contest from dev_hdd0, it is packed well in bles/blus folder, but when I opened with boot self/elf it said: error reading disk after compiling. Any ideas?

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06-13-2018, 02:29 PM -
what i've done is install the package then copy the folder it makes in the rcps3 folder location to a removable drive that i use to store the ps3 games. then i delete the installation from the pkg that resides in the rpcs3 folder.    
im not at home right now but from memory, i went to boot game menu option when the folder selector came up, i navigated it to the external drive and pointed it to the game folder that i want it to lad, and it does the whole recompile stuff and looks like its reading it to rcps3 however it keeps the file location on the removable drive and doesn't import into rcps3 location folder so it runs them from the removable drive. and rcps3 has the icon in the main window but its pointed to the removable drive

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